About Us

Wolf Camp is a safe and enjoyable wonderland where your ever-growing loved ones will enjoy the adventure of making new friends and gaining new experiences.

Be assured that our wolf pups will be guided by our trusted and experienced coaches throughout the camp’s duration. Good times await as many varied activities are designed for their age groups to build both friendship and teamwork!

Wolf Camp’s goal is for every pup to end their day with a big smile and be ready for the next day’s adventure. While giving both parents and children the joy of freedom!


Who is Mama Wolf?

As how her name describe her, she is a fearsome from the outside yet a lovable with its pack. The name came about from her little goddaughter, who would address her as Mama Wolf and that came about to inspire the camp’s name.

With experiences as a coach for a kids camp, certified Kids Coach and her love for children, Liz wishes to spread the fun and joy to other children.